About Us

Recess Fest is a 1-3 day music and arts event organized by band-mates Casey Malone and Zach Reader, with contributions from a handful of awesome community members. The inaugural Recess was held in summer of 2010 and the second took place this past winter. We're now preparing for our 6th installment, to be held July 26-28. The fest is corporate sponsor-free and meticulously designed to cater to a broad demographic of music-lovers and show-goers. It's also scheduled so you have the chance to catch just about every band involved (not too much of that multiple shows at once business)! Throughout the fest, we host about anywhere from 60-80 local and touring bands across about 15 venues, spaces and houses, and also incorporate a handful of events and games to maximize the experience and fun to be had. 

The main goal of Recess Fest is to hopefully introduce some new music to Charlotte, put the spotlight on some of the finest local musicians this city has to offer, and get massive amounts of people out to enjoy and revisit some of those care-free feelings we used to have in grade school, but typically seem to lose somewhere as we grow up. We're two big, big kids who just want to have fun and make great things happen for a city we love, and feel extra privileged to have had so much support and encouragement. Thank you Charlotte!!

-Zach & Casey
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